Ideas and advice to help you save energy and money in your home

Welcome to our brand spanking new energy saving website...!

Energy conservation techniques
Save energy and money

We will, through this website be sharing useful advice in the form of articles, blog posts, videos and much, much more on subjects and topics such as:

  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Home insulation (how to do it cheaply and effectively)
  • Solar power (both thermal and also photovoltaic)
  • Domestic energy bill reduction techniques
  • Low energy appliances
  • How to use ceiling fans to reduce air condition energy consumption
  • Recycling, re-using and reclaiming, how to do it properly to save you cash
  • Energy efficient lightning
  • Energy efficient heating and hot water appliances
  • Home improvement grants
  • How to get the best solar energy prices, quotes and installations
  • Much, much more

So please bookmark this page and come back very soon. We will be working hard in the background figuring out as many energy conservation techniques as possible to help reduce your bills and your carbon footprint.

Here are some external resources for you to check out that will help you save cash and carbon...!

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